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Unless you have been told otherwise the vehicle will arrive 15 minutes before the booking time. In the event that the vehicle does run late then please call us on 0121 647 7198.
We need the length of 3 cars to be safe. It is always best to allocate more space than we will need. If you are in a particularly difficult area then consideration for turning into your road or driveway may need to be addressed. This is relevant to both the property you are moving from and the property you are moving into.
It is usually the local authority (council) that deals with this matter. Occasionally the local Police will need to be informed. Contact your local Council for further details.
Your quotation is based upon good access at both premises. If access may be difficult at the old/ new premises you must tell us immediately. We will then have the opportunity to visit the premises and assess this ourselves, if possible, and make quote adjustments accordingly. If your current/ new address is to far for us to visit then then we rely on your information and the quote is based on that. If we face difficulties, restrictions or long walking distance greater than originally given then you maybe charged extra on the day.
Pictures and mirrors should be bubble packed and inserted into a picture carton. Mirrors with plaster of Paris frames should ideally have a wooden case made to measure in addition to bubble pack. Oil paintings should be covered in an export blanket first then bubble packed and finally placed into a picture carton.
You will need to take out heavy, breakable and liquid items. Light items such as T-shirts or underwear may be left in the drawers provided the unit is sturdy enough. Self assembly furniture does not respond well to moving so this type of furniture must only be moved while completely empty.
Our advice on this is yes you should flat pack all self assembly furniture. If you decide to have our staff move these items in an erect state you must be aware that we cannot take responsibility for their safe transit. You will also be responsible for the protection of flat packed furniture, ideally with bubble pack, due to the large number of sharp fitting that usually protrude from this type of furniture. Think about the size, weight, state of furniture and the access inside your properties.
It is always best to move these items in the original packaging. You can also use bubble pack, heavy duty cartons and blankets.
Our Advice is always to defrost and empty your Fridge or Freezer and empty the water tray behind the appliance. If your removal is to take place on one day only, you may leave your freezer cold but take the frozen goods in ‘cool bags’ yourself. If you decide to leave goods in your freezer our staff cannot be liable for either the frozen goods or indeed the freezer itself.
Clothes from drawers and shelves should be placed either into boxes or heavy duty bags. You should hang cloths using wardrobe boxes. Please ensure that all top buttons are ‘done up’ and hangers all face the same way.
Under no circumstances should any jewellery, valuables, documents or monies be submitted for removal. Our insurance policy specifically excludes these items and they are safest if transported by you.
Gas cylinders cannot be transported on our vehicles. Flammable liquids, however contained, must not be submitted for removal either. Equipment such as garden mowers and chainsaws should be drained of all liquids beforehand.
Animals are very intelligent and can sense that something abnormal is going on, especially if you are moving house. Therefore, to lessen any distress to them, we advice that it is best they are left with family/ friend members or at a boarding kennel for the duration of your removal. For health and safety of all parties, please make sure animals are kept well away. We do not allow animals to be transported on our vehicles at any time. Please make your own arrangements.
Our advice is to plan the lay out of each room in advance. We will try our best to arrange the rooms to your liking but sometimes we may not have the time to rearrange your room multiple times.
Due to health and safety, our insurance does not cover us to go to lofts. It is also time consuming. It is best if you place all loft items into a spare bedroom or garage before removals day.
We operate a first come-first served basis. If you expect to move on a Friday or at the end of a month you will need to offer more notice that for a mid week, mid month relocation. Once you have a date, book as early as possible.
We only accept a confirmed booking. Call us first to discuss your particular circumstances and we may arrange a conditional reservation.
You can book by phone, website or email. Once booked, you will get a confirmation. If you need to change or cancel your booking we need at least 3 day notice.
Payment is required in full before we off load the vehicle. Payment may be made online via our secure website or cash paid to the team leader on the day. If you are moving a long distance then half of the payment needs to be paid before leaving your current address, the rest to be made first on arrival at the new address and before offloading the vehicle.
Yes, you can. Provided that all items that you want to be moved have been agreed with us when quoting you, you can take any garden plants that you require. You must ensure that the pots are cleaned prior to the relocation and that ‘prickly’ plants are pruned and/or tied up to prevent injury. Also earthenware pots are prone to cracking after they have been exposed to frost and we can take no responsibility for their safe transit..
We may arrange one of our staff to drive your car with your own insurance. Call us to discuss this further. We have helped many clients in the past who didn’t want to drive long distances especially on busy motorways. Alternatively, we have links to recovery companies who can help in this matter. Motorcycles can be loaded on to our vehicles if arranged in advance.
Disconnect, protect and use original or a double sided box.
Our advice is to plan the lay out of each room in advance. We will try our best to arrange the rooms to your liking but sometimes we may not have the time to rearrange your room multiple times.

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